Create a flip catalogue

Creating online flip catalogues has long been a common marketing tool. However, in the form in which they are used for presentation by many vendors, they are often only digitized versions of an original printed on paper and do not provide any additional functionality, such as direct ordering. However, it is already possible to create much higher quality solutions that offer a variety of possibilities, are optimally suited for mobile devices and can be used much more versatile than just for product presentation.

Almost all types of interactive elements such as shopping cart functions, configuration menus, audio and video sequences, picture galleries or additional information, which can be displayed to the user as an additional window if required, can now be integrated directly into online catalogs. In this way, a customer may no longer have to go to the trouble of searching for other desired facts himself, but can take everything he might want to know directly from the digital catalogue. Amazing effects are also possible when it comes to animations, turning a formerly "rigid" catalogue into a real shopping experience.

Such flip catalogues - which also make a contribution to the environmental protection and the conservation of resources by saving paper and printing costs - have long been suitable for much more than just product presentation and advertising, there are almost no limits to the imagination: be it as a learning aid, for training purposes, for documentation, for chronicles, for company presentations... You already have an idea? We would be pleased to advise you without obligation which solutions we can offer.

Security and transparency
The leaf catalogs that are created by TEXTNetzwerk offer decisive advantages: It is basically possible to integrate them into your own homepage, the data is not on the server of an external company. The rights to the publication remain fully with the client, who also decides when to delete access to it if, for example, price quotations are no longer current. There is no advertising of competing offers and no hidden costs, such as license fees or automatic subscription, as might be the case with supposedly "free" offers.

Comprehensive service
Changes to the contents are possible at any time and can be made by TEXTNetzwerk. On request, we can also take over the entire creation of the required texts and help you select the necessary image and graphic material in close consultation with you. In addition, we can offer you translation into more than 40 languages for an international appearance.