PHP programming

PHP programmers are the first point of contact for all web development questions. PHP is the most commonly used programming language for creating websites, webshops and web apps. Thanks to continuous further development, it now opens up numerous ways for PHP developers to individualize and modernize a website: database connections, libraries and extensions are just a few of the possibilities.

Looking for PHP developers?

Our PHP programmers extend the themes of your WordPress page or your app or design a new one according to your ideas, so that your page gets an individual appearance. Of course, this is also possible if we create a new website for you. The developers also write you helpful plug-ins to extend the software according to your wishes - whether you need database features or have special plans for your web shop.

Our programmers create user logins and program routing settings both on websites and in web shops as well as in autonomous web applications. They ensure that forms and data can be processed in your web presence without security gaps arising. They also take care of process automation.

The programmers of the Internet Agency TEXTNetzwerk use PHP in the widely used web server configurations LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and WAMP (Windows instead of Linux). The possibilities are extremely wide - just ask!